Q:What is the cost of tuition?

A: Because of the flexibility of CSSM, the financial structure is priced by individual class. Course
fees are $125 per 10-week class. This fee includes all required reading material for the class.


Q:Is there childcare for the school?

A: CSSM does not currently offer childcare.


Q:Will housing be available to me if I register for CSSM?

A: Students are responsible for their own living expenses and arrangements.


Q:Can I visit CSSM without registering?

A: Class instructors strive to build an atmosphere of openness where students feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas.  Because of this and the fact that courses are inductive by nature, building upon the previous week's instruction, classes are not open for visitors to audit with the exception of first class of each course.  The initial class of each course is open for people to audit so that they can make a decision on whether to commit to the class.


Q:Is financial aid available?

A: Convergence Supernatural School of Ministry is not an accredited school with the State of California, therefore; students are not eligible for financial aid, student loans, visas, or grants.


Q:Must I take all the classes in one year?

A: Students have the flexibility to take classes at their own speed. You can take 1 or 2 classes per trimester, skip a trimester and start back up the next trimester and take the classes you missed the following year.


Q:What are the requirements for finishing the 1st year program?

A: 1st year graduation requirements:
To be eligible to receive a CSSM Certificate of Completion, students must meet the following criteria:

1. Satisfactorily complete all required classes (this includes all required reading and work)
2. Fulfill all class attendance requirements
3. Fulfill Prayer Room (sacred trust) requirements


Q: What are the hours of the classes?

A: Class hours are Sunday nights from 4:00-6:15pm & from 7:00-9:15pm. The classroom hours are learning opportunities for students to receive from the course instructors but they are just a small part of the learning experience. Students will also grow through homework, from assigned books or from the Holy Spirit as the students read the Word, attend services, serve in ministries, soaking & prayer times in the prayer room, living the supernatural lifestyle at work, and more.